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free purpose driven fashion brand pre-launch checklist

What's Inside?

An overview of what you can expect in this fashion pre-launch checklist:

  • 65 actionable steps to start your brand with a bang!
  • 4 categorized lists to separate business, brand, product, and marketing tasks
  • Chronologically ordered so you'll never have to wonder what you should do next. 
  • A list of resources, templates, and courses to help you accomplish your tasks with ease

Take the first step to start your purpose-driven fashion brand. Download our free checklist for a fashion launch and get started tackling your to-do list today.


About the Creator

Kristen, a designer turned entrepreneur thrives on designing and developing inclusive, fantastic-fitting, sustainably made swimwear and intimates. 

In addition to her love for lingerie and all things lovely, she enjoys helping new fashion founders learn the industry while building their brands together from the ground up.

Over her career, Kristen has played an instrumental role in numerous brands from initial concept through launch and beyond with sell-out success. 


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The right guidance makes all the difference. Use this free checklist for a fashion launch to remove the guesswork and launch your fashion brand with ease.

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