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Costing Quote Template for Factory Selection

How do you decide on the *right* factory for your fashion brand?

Choosing the right factories to sample your garments can be overwhelming. How can you be sure you're making the best choice? Our Costing Quote Template is here to help. With this all-in-one chart, you can easily track key characteristics, weigh the pros and cons, and narrow down your contenders.

Why you need our Costing Quote Template:

  • Organize and track important information for all the factories you're considering
  • Determine if a factory is suitable for your brand based on costing, MOQs, certifications, lead times, and fees
  • Ask the right questions to uncover any limitations each factory may have
  • Select the perfect factories to sample your garments

What you'll get with our Costing Quote Template:

  • A customizable Google sheet with multiple tabs to fill out information about each factory
  • An example of a filled-out template to guide you
  • A helpful video walkthrough to ensure you fill out the costing quote template correctly

Don't miss out on finding the ideal factory for your fashion brand. Purchase our Costing Quote Template now and make the right choice!