Customer Persona Profile Workbook

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Understanding your target audience is essential when building or revamping your brand. Who is drawn to what your brand offers and keen to encounter your solution in the market? What does she like to do and where does she spend her downtime? You need to be able to identify and reach your target customer and to do that — you need to know as much as you can about the details of her life.

Besides being able to reach them, profiling your target customer segment will allow you to create and promote irresistible products tailored specifically to them. But how do you uncover who your target customer is? It all starts with creating a customer persona.

Crafting a customer persona is a way to capture some of the finer details about who your customer may be. It helps you consider where you could find them as well as their hobbies and interests so you know what they’re up to even when they’re not shopping.


The Customer Persona Profile Workbook includes:

Customer Persona Profile Worksheet

  • Blank version with 15 thought-provoking questions
  • Filled-out version with examples to inspire you

Customer Persona Mood Board

  • Blank version with 8 image blocks
  • Filled-out version with example imagery

A helpful video walkthrough to talk you through how to fill out the profile and mood board


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