Customer Persona Profiles

Identify + understand your ideal customer!

Don’t forget you need to know your audience! When starting a new brand or rebuilding an existing one, some of your first questions should be, "Who is the person looking for what I’m creating with my new brand? Who is my target audience?" 

Understanding your target customer will help you create and market irresistible products for them. So, how do you figure out who your target customer is? You start with building a customer persona. 

Creating a customer persona is a way to capture some of the finer details about who your customer may be. It helps you consider where you could find them as well as their hobbies and interests so you know what they’re up to even when they’re not shopping.

Download the Customer Persona Profiles worksheet and begin answering questions to craft your customer persona. 

The Customer Persona worksheet includes:

  • A digital + printable worksheet PDF with 15 thought-provoking questions
  • An example version with answers filled in to get you started

$20.00 USD