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Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide

Your guide to the perfect materials for your fashion brand!

Sourcing materials for your fashion brand can be overwhelming. But with our Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide, finding the *right* fabrics and trims for your collections has never been easier. This collection of Google Sheets will help you gain a better overall understanding of textiles by teaching you the most common fibers and fabrics, the best usage for each type of fabric, common weights of fabric, sustainable options for each fabric type, as well as properties and price range. 

Once you’ve gained a better understanding of fabric + trims, the Google Sheet collection also has a list of must-attend fashion industry trade shows for sourcing materials as well as a list of blog posts and textbooks to reference for further fabric knowledge. 

But that’s not all, the Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide also includes a Material Sourcing Tracker to help you organize and evaluate key information about the fabric and trims you are considering for your fashion brand. 


With the Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide, you will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of fibers and textiles 
  • Have a list of trade shows to attend to source materials
  • Have a reference of blog posts and textbooks to further your knowledge of textiles
  • Build a library of fabric + trims you are interested in
  • Evaluate whether or not a material is right for your products based on 8 key categories
  • Discover the *perfect* fabrics for your fashion brand


The Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide includes:

  • Material Sourcing Tracker
  • Common Fibers 
  • Fabric Weights 
  • Common Lingerie + Swimwear Fabrics
  • Sourcing Resources
  • Fashion Industry Trade Shows
  • A helpful video walkthrough to talk you through how to use each sheet of the Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide


Say goodbye to the stress of sourcing materials. Get your hands on the Fabric + Trims Sourcing Guide and make the process a breeze. Source the *perfect* materials for your fashion brand today!