$8.00 USD

Competitive Analysis Tracker for Market Research

Become an expert in your category by knowing the industry inside and out.

This competitive tracking tool lets you learn a broad but granular perspective of your market landscape.

Understand, learn and define what your competitors are doing well and the areas where you can fill gaps. Then, generate ideas on where to go with your brand, uncover your unique value proposition, and stay afloat with what’s new in your space.

Knowing the market like an expert allows you to position your brand for success, setting yourself apart in a crowded industry. 

Get access to the Airtable tracker and establish a database for all your competitive market research!

The Competitive Analysis Airtable Tracker will help you:

  • Identify your key competitors and brands you want to keep in mind
  • Uncover the key strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
  • Get clarity on white space opportunities that exist in your niche
  • Establish your brand foundations:
    • concept
    • product offering
    • brand voice
    • target market
    • product sizing
    • photography style