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Factory Outreach Bundle

Uncertain how to reach out and communicate with potential factories?

Contacting potential manufacturing partners can be intimidating. You might be nervous about starting on the wrong foot or sounding like a total newbie. With our factory outreach bundle, we will provide you with all the tools you need to make a great first impression, ask all the right questions, and build a strong relationship for a seamless sampling and production process. 

What’s included in this bundle? 

Factory Outreach Email Templates

  • Introduction Email Template to help you introduce yourself, your brand, and ask initial questions.
  • Follow-up Email Template to help you request costing and additional info. 

Factories to Ask Questions

  • A list of initial and follow-up questions to ask factories to help you decide who will be the best fit to manufacture your apparel.

Factory Talk FAQ

  • Answers to the most common questions about interacting with factories. 

Factory Costing Quote Template 

  • Organize cost quotes into one excel doc and ensure you gather all the critical information they need to understand cost implications.

Factory PO Template 

  • Plan your purchase order with ease! Use our template to keep track of important dates and delivery details for planning your first order.

Purchase the Factory Outreach Bundle and start communicating with confidence!