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Factory Communication + Email Bundle


Uncertain how to reach out and communicate with potential factories?

Are you a budding fashion entrepreneur eager to launch your own apparel brand? The journey might seem exhilarating, but reaching out to potential factories can be daunting. We understand the fears that linger – the fear of the dreaded "ghosting," the fear of feeling like a fish out of water because you don’t understand the industry jargon, the fear of making costly mistakes due to not asking the right questions, and the fear of crossing language barriers with overseas factories. It's time to cast those fears aside and step confidently into the world of factory collaboration with our Factory Communication + Email Bundle by your side.


What’s included in this bundle? 


Best Communication Practices 

A chapter from our best-selling e-book, Finding Your Factory, that’s dedicated to teaching you tips for overcoming the hurdle of communicating with overseas factories as well as best practices to ensure your emails get read, understood, and responded to.


Factory Outreach Email Templates 💌

Say goodbye to the days of staring at a blank screen, unsure how to craft that crucial first email. Our templates are meticulously designed to ensure you make a stellar first impression. No more confusion about what to say or how to say it – just clarity and confidence.


Full Industry Terms Glossary 💡

We've all been there – feeling like an outsider due to unfamiliar terms and industry lingo. Our bundle equips you with a full glossary to help you navigate these waters smoothly. You'll communicate with factories using language that resonates, establishing yourself as a confident player in the game.


Factory Talk FAQs

Deciding on the right factory partner is no small feat. Our meticulously curated list of questions will empower you to make informed choices and steer clear of potential pitfalls. Be in control of your decisions, every step of the way.


Factory Costing Quote Template 

Tired of grappling with complex factory costing quotes? Our Factory Costing Quote Template streamlines the process, making it easy to request, organize, and compare quotes from different factories. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confident decision-making for your apparel brand's manufacturing journey!


Factory Purchase Order Template 

Placing a purchase order for your fashion brand can be scary. Filling out a form incorrectly or inadequately could be a costly mistake. But don’t worry! This Purchase Order Template will ensure that you’re providing the factory will all the key information they need to provide on-time and accurate delivery. 

Fear should never hold you back. It's time to take the first step and transform your aspirations into reality. Say goodbye to the days of hesitation and uncertainty. Let's embark on this journey together! Send your first email today and get the ball rolling on producing your apparel brand! 💌

Your dream factory collaboration is just a click away. Don't miss out on the opportunity to lay the foundation for a thriving apparel brand. The Factory Communication + Email Bundle is your key to overcoming fears, seizing opportunities, and unlocking your true potential.