$49.00 USD

Tech Pack Template

Stumped on how to assemble a factory-ready tech pack? 

We’ve got you covered! Don’t waste time trying to cobble together a half-baked tech pack. Use our easy-to-follow Excel Tech Pack Template. Our detailed tech pack template includes all the pages your factory needs to build accurate garment samples with less runaround.

The template includes the following pages: 

  • Sketch + Construction Details
  • Details + Inspiration 
  • Bill of Materials
  • Points of Measure
  • Fit + Costing Specs
  • Fit Comments
  • Graded Specs
  • Colorways
  • Labels + Trims

The Excel template also includes cell formulas to help you streamline your workflow across all pages/tabs. 

And as an added BONUS, when you purchase the template, we will also include in-depth instructions on how to fill out each page. This is perfect for our DIYers. You can rest assured that the factory has ALL the information they need. 

The instructions include access to these guides: 

  • Excel Tech Pack Template
  • Points of Measure [POM] Library
  • Basic Grade Rules Cheat Sheet
  • Websites for Inspo + Supporting Detail Imagery
  • Factory Outreach Email Templates

So don’t waste time sending napkin sketches or incomplete tech packs to your factory. Purchase our Excel Tech Pack template today and make your products exactly how you want them without any hassles or expensive PLM software.