Why Work with Us? Discover the KRSTN NDRSN Fashion Design Agency Difference

business Sep 12, 2023
Why Work with Us? Discover the KRSTN NDRSN Fashion Design Agency Difference

The KRSTN NDRSN team reviewing color standards.

Why Work with Us?

Choosing the right fashion design agency is a significant decision for any brand. It's not just about finding someone who can do the job—it's about finding a team that genuinely understands your vision, shares your values, and is as passionate about your success as you are. That's where the KRSTN NDRSN team truly shines.

A tight-knit group of product design and technical professionals, we bring a unique blend of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the creation process. Our team knows the fashion industry from the inside out and uses this rich background and knowledge to consistently deliver impressive results for our clients.

Still not convinced? Let's dig deeper.

Why the KRSTN NDRSN Team is Your Best Bet

Collective and Collaborative Creativity:

In our world, new ideas aren't just welcome with open arms; they're the life of the party. From our freshest recruits to our seasoned design wizards, everyone on our team is encouraged to dance to their own beat and share their unique creative strengths. Our brainstorming sessions are like the Coachella of creativity, a kaleidoscope of innovative ideas, teeming with energy and oozing inspiration.

  The KRSTN NDRSN reviewing garment samples and taking notes on the fit and construction.

Problem-Solving Superheroes 🦸‍♀️:

Problems? What problems? We see only exciting challenges that spice up our daily fashion routine. Our team doesn’t shy away from challenges. Instead, we approach them with a positive attitude, a solution-driven mindset, and a wealth of creative resourcefulness. Our team's collective experience spans continents, fashion categories, and trends, ensuring our problem-solving prowess cuts sharper than a pair of Italian scissors. Speed bumps? Consider those launchpads for our design rocket 🚀!

Experts in Swim + Intimate Apparel Design:

With a collective 25 years in the fashion industry working with brands like Victoria’s Secret, Adore Me, Sheertex, Aerie, and beyond, our team is basically a living, breathing Vogue archive. From the first prototype creation to watching designs strut down catwalks, we've seen trends come and go while designing everything from figure-flattering swimwear to indulgent intimates and everything in between. Whether it's a bikini that makes waves or a bodysuit that screams 'red carpet', our creative touch ensures every piece is a style sensation.

Sustainable Fashion Pioneers 🌿:

As champions of the environment, we're pioneering change in the fashion industry one garment at a time. We hold the belief that high-quality design and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive. From leveraging digital design to creating with less waste to ethically sourcing materials or designing for durability, our unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness and ethics is the fabric of our daily operations.

  Kristen, Trudy, and Monika editing a garment pattern in CLO3d after a fitting.

Inclusivity Advocates 🌍:

Forget cookie-cutter fashion. We celebrate and champion diversity, equality, and inclusion creating a work culture that's as vibrant and varied as a Pantone color chart. We don't just design inclusively; we live it. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and ideas are celebrated. It's what keeps our work vibrant and relatable!

The Fun Factor 🎉:

Who said the fashion world can't be full of laughter? With us, every day is a celebration of creativity and camaraderie. From laughing at the most recent Barbie meme to iconic 'what were they thinking?' fashion faux-paus moments, we love having fun while creating top-tier designs. Believe it or not, our team can even make Mondays feel like the weekend! 🥳

Five women standing next to each other with their arms wrapped around each other. They are wearing matching lilac sweatshirts.The KRSTN NDRSN team. Pictured left to right: Jasmine, Monika, Kristen, Trudy, and Riley.

The KRSTN NDRSN Experience

When you choose to collaborate with the KRSTN NDRSN team, you're not simply hiring a fashion design agency—you're gaining a dedicated partner in your brand's journey. We engage in your vision, immersing ourselves in understanding your brand and making your aspirations our own.

At the heart of our team lies a steadfast commitment to sustainable and inclusive fashion, coupled with unmatched design expertise and an emphasis on excellent fit. We maintain a lively work environment where humor and camaraderie encourage the constant flow of creativity.

Under the leadership of our founder and CEO Kristen Anderson, every team member contributes to the thriving culture that defines us. We're eager to leverage our collective creative talents and design expertise to bring your brand vision to life.

Working with us, you can anticipate a seamless blend of collaboration, problem-solving proficiency, and design excellence. And of course, a healthy dose of laughter to ensure the design process is as delightful as it is productive.

Partnering with us means gaining the dedication of a focused team, backed by a wealth of resources, diverse talents, and a harmonious spirit that resonates in every project we undertake.

Your success is our ultimate reward, and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to facilitate your brand's growth. Regardless of whether you're an established brand or an emerging startup, we stand ready to accelerate your growth journey.

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